Police officers per head down as serious and violent crimes rise Violent crime soars 27%

As today’s ONS crime statistics show that serious and violent crimes are up, research by the House of Commons Library commissioned by Labour shows how thinly spread officers have become on the ground.


  • The research shows that there is now just one officer for every 462 people.
  • Since 2010, police numbers have fallen by over 18,000 while the population has increased by more than 2.5 million.
  • The ratio of members of the public to officers has increased by 19% since Cameron came into power.
  • There are now fewer police officers in England and Wales than at any point in over a decade
  • ONS crime stats out today show a 27% rise in "violence against the person" offences, an 11% rise in homicide and a 9% rise in knife crime, with overall police recorded crime up 7%.

Responding to today’s release of crime statistics, Jack Dromey MP, Shadow Policing Minister said:

“With the thin blue line stretched ever thinner, police recorded crime is rising and some of the most serious crimes have soared to the highest levels in years.

 “Just as the most serious, violent, sexual and online crimes are soaring, so too are the demands on a depleted police force to keep the country safe. Yet officers are now more thinly spread than ever.

“The Tories have slashed 18,000 police officers and have broken their promise to the public to protect frontline officer numbers. 12,000 have gone from frontline policing alone.”