Jack Dromey' MP - Reaction to Today's Crime Statistics


Jack Dromey MP, Shadow Policing Minister said: 

“Police recorded crime has gone up across the country, rates of the most serious crimes have soared and reported rape is the highest level since 2003."

“In the West Midlands, recorded crime has gone up by 7%, violent crime has gone up by 28% and sexual assault has gone up by 38% To make matters worse, the police force has lost 2462 police officers in the past 5 years with many more set to go.

“Just as on-line crime and fraud is soaring, so too are the demands on a depleted police force to keep the country safe from terrorism and tackle child sex exploitation and abuse.

“The Tories have slashed police officers by 17,000 nationally and broke their promise to the public to protect frontline officer numbers. Now we see the biggest increase in recorded crime in a decade. The first duty of any Government is the safety and security of our citizens. By overseeing the sharpest decline in police numbers anywhere in the EU, the Tories are letting the British people down.”