Jack Dromey MP calls for justice for women in Erdington who have been badly treated by the acceleration of the state pension age

Jack Dromey MP has joined with the 3,440 women in Erdington and 35,000 women in Birmingham who will be affected by the changes in the state pension age to stand up for those who built Birmingham and Britain.

Women who were born in the 1950’s were told one thing about when they would get their pension only for the Coalition government to rush through changes to a long-standing plan; this left hundreds of thousands of women with very little time to re-plan their retirement. The Tories have since refused to revisit the issue in spite of overwhelming public calls for them to do so.


Jack Dromey said:
“The women who are set to lose out have worked hard all their lives only now to have the rug pulled out from underneath their feet. It is not at all surprising that even the pension minister who introduced the reforms recently described them as a ‘bad decision’. That is why I am determined to stand up for the 3,440 women in Erdington and their families who are set to lose out as a result of these bad decisions.

The Tories know they are in the wrong. They are refusing to publish any information on the protections they looked at and how much this would cost. They are covering their backs at the cost of hard-working women. 

In today’s debate, Labour will hold the government to account for this, making it clear that it’s not good enough for the Tories to look the other way, ignoring the concerns of 3,440 women in Erdington. We are demanding that they come clean about exactly what transitional protections were looked at and as a matter of urgency bring forward potential solutions to help the women who have seen their retirement plans ruined. The women who built Birmingham and Britain deserve better.”