Erdington Walk-In Centre wins a reprieve – for now

Following the campaign launched by Jack Dromey and Birmingham’s MPs, Erdington High Street’s popular NHS Walk-In Centre has won a reprieve for a further year. The future of the Centre beyond 2017 remains uncertain, however, and will be reviewed next year.

The victory for local people comes before a major consultation by Birmingham Cross-City Clinical Commissioning Group into the provision of NHS services across the City. Jack Dromey, along with Steve McCabe MP (Selly Oak) and Richard Burden MP (Northfield), met with the CCG earlier this month to discuss the future of changes to Birmingham’s NHS Urgent Care Services.


Jack Dromey MP campaigning to save the walk in centres last time they were under threat 

Jack Dromey MP said:

“The much-used, much-loved Erdington High Street NHS Walk-In Centre remains safe – for now. Only three weeks ago we made it clear we would fight hard to keep our Walk-In Centre open as we did three years ago when it was faced with closure. But the threat does not go away.

“The future of all 7 of Birmingham’s Walk-In Centres is uncertain. The review of NHS Urgent Care services to be launched in the summer raises the prospect of a number of closures. It is one thing to look at how access to urgent care can be improved to cut queues at A&E for people who are desperate for treatment; it is another thing altogether to allow several of our Walk-In Centres to close due to cost-cutting because of the Government’s squeeze on the NHS.

“Most immediately, I will now seek a commitment from Birmingham’s Health Service bosses that the Kingstanding Walk-In Centre is safe. Both Erdington High Street and the Kingstanding Walk-In Centres serve tens of thousands of people in North Birmingham, including areas of high deprivation and sadly often ill-health. Local people need, and must have, quick access to urgent care in their Walk-In Centres.”