Disappointment as Birmingham nurseries lose out on Government funding to Theresa May’s Maidenhead constituency

New figures released by the Government show that nurseries in Birmingham are set to lose funding to more affluent Tory areas under proposals which nursery heads have warned could have devastating consequences for nursery schools

Tory proposals for changes to the Early Years Funding Formula are set to slash nursery school funding in Birmingham by even more than initially proposed, driving their budgets into deficit.  


Final baseline funding allocations show that funding per head in Birmingham is set to drop by 5%. This is the biggest funding reduction in the country (the maximum funding reduction allowed under the proposals is 5%)

In contrast, in Windsor and Maidenhead, the Local Authority covering Prime Minister Theresa May’s constituency, funding per hour is set to go up

Jack Dromey, Member of Parliament for Birmingham Erdington, said:

“The Government’s new funding formula is plundering the budgets of our nurseries in Birmingham. This is simply wrong.  Head teachers from my own constituency of Erdington led an excellent campaign against the planned cuts, and we were led to believe that the Government were listening.

“Yet instead of reversing these damaging proposals, once again, leafy Tory shires are spared the axe, whilst children in high-need Birmingham bear the brunt of funding cuts.

“Not one Nursery School or Children’s Centre has closed yet in in the city. However, now we see closures loom. I have seen first-hand the outstanding work they do. It would be quite simply heart-breaking to see them go.”