Difference Between 245 and 255 Tires in 2023 – Easily Choose the Suitable Tire

Difference Between 245 and 255 Tires

Do you want to learn about the difference between 245 and 255 tires? Wanna know which tire size is the best for your vehicle?

Here, we will discuss the two tire sizes and guide you about their specifications. This way, you will end up making the right decision for your vehicle.

The main difference between a 245 and 255 tire is the width or, more specifically, the tread width. They both have different speed tolerance. So, let’s find out about all of them! That’s a basic overview, and there are a lot more differences.

What Kind of Tire Do I Need?

The determination of the right tire size not only depends upon the width but also on the aspect ratio, speed rating, rim diameter, etc. Tire sizes like the 245 and 255 are ideal for everyday use cars. These sizes are productive in medium carloads.

Tire sizes like 275 and 285 are for large trucks. SUVs can use a tire size of 215-235, depending upon their specificity.

Features of 245 Tires

Features of 245 Tiresir?t=brzatojota 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B00KTE80GI


Rim Width: 7.5 Inches

Load Range: G

Tread Depth: 19

Diameter: 37.4 Inches

Revs Per Mile: 555

Speed Rating: 81 miles per hour

245 tires are great for off-road driving as they are neither too small nor too large. 245 tires are constructed radially.

Features of 255 Tires

ir?t=brzatojota 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B074KRKMHJFeatures of 255 Tires


Rim Width: 7.5 Inches

Load Range: H

Tread Depth: 18

Diameter: 36.7 Inches

Revs Per Mile: 566

Speed Rating: 81 miles per hour

255 tires can handle more load than 245 tires and hence are better, but only if they are compatible. They also have R construction which makes them exemplary.

Difference Between 245 and 255 Tires – 245 vs 255 Tires

Difference Between 245 and 255 Tires

Let’s discuss the differences between 245 and 255 tires and how they can affect performance! These two tire sizes are close to each other; therefore, the differences don’t affect the car’s overall performance to a great extent. So, how do they differ?

01. Weight of the Tires

The weight of 245 tires is approximately 27 lbs, while that of 255 is 47 lbs. It means that 245 tires are 20 lbs lighter than 255 tires.

But it is also important that you have a heavier car to use heavy tires. Heavy tires mean better grip on the car and better road performance. Lighter cars with heavy tires can slow down the acceleration.

Heavy tires in a heavy car also mean more fuel consumption. So, it might be less economical to use heavier tires in the car.

02. Gas Mileage

As mentioned above, heavy tires consume more fuel. You can expect a decrease of 1-2 miles maximum if you go from 245 to 255 tire size. It is because the tread size of these two tires doesn’t differ greatly.

Heavier tires reduce fuel economy because they require more effort to work. Their resistance is higher, which consumes more fuel and reduces gas mileage.

Cars with economical fuel consumption have thinner and lighter tires with less rolling resistance. This makes it easier for the car to drive on and take up less fuel.

So, if you want to get economical tires that don’t provide less mileage, go for the 245 tire size.

03. Car Load

245 tires can endure a maximum load of 850 kgs (1,874 lbs), and 255 tires can withstand a 900 kg load (1,984 lbs). The main point to indicate this load is to ensure that you don’t put light tires on a heavy vehicle.

While choosing the right size for your vehicle, you have to ensure that the tires can withstand the vehicle’s weight. Otherwise, the performance can become abysmal.

This information is provided by the load index mentioned in the special code for the respective tire.

04. Stability

Larger tires can provide more stability. This is extremely crucial during fast driving as more stability means a safer ride. Moreover, a more stable tire can also provide better stopping power, necessary while driving fast and on harsh roads.

The stability difference between 245 and 255 tires is not too much.  But if you need some extra stability and love to drive fast, then you might want to go for the 255 tire size.

05. Maneuverability

Larger tires cover more surface area of the road, providing better maneuverability. When your vehicle covers a large road area, its handling becomes better, and you can easily take turns.

So, in theory, 245 tires can provide slightly less handling than the 255 tires for the same vehicle.

Pros and Cons of 245 & 255 Tires

Difference Between 245 and 255 Tires

245 Tires Pros

  • Good fuel mileage
  • Economical
  • Great for everyday use

245 Tires Cons

  • Less handling
  • Low rolling resistance

255 Tires Pros

  • Better handling
  • Great while fast driving
  • Better look for the car
  • Smoother ride

255 Tires Cons

  • More fuel consumption

Frequently Asked Questions About 245 and 255 Tires

Let’s answer some of the questions regarding 245 and 255 tire sizes!

01. Can I Replace 245 Tires with 225?

If you want to change your 245 tires with 225 tires, you need to check the rim size.  The mounting range of your rims will decide this. Go to a tire shop and find a suitable size.

02. Can I Replace 245 Tires with 255?

Yes, you can, as they are similar tire sizes with slight differences. However, upgrading your tire size might reduce your gas mileage. But it will enhance your vehicle’s look.

03. Can I Put Wider Tires On My Stock Rims?

Yes, you can put almost 20 millimeters wider tires on the stock rims. If you want wider, you will have to check the specifications of your rims.

04. Can I Replace 235 Tires with 245?

You can replace the 235 tires with 245 tires if your vehicle allows this. In most cases, there won’t be any difficulty in doing so. However, the gas mileage might reduce slightly.

05. What is the Height Difference Between 245 and 255 Tires?

The height difference can vary, but it is approximately 10 mm. 255 tires are higher and increase the vehicle’s height to a little extent.


Now you know the difference between 245 and 255 tires. You can make the right choice. The 245 tires can be a great option if you want to save some fuel. But if you want a better ride and have more height in the vehicle, you can try the 255 tire size.

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