How to Jumpstart a Prius Safely in 2022: Easy Jump Starting Steps

how to jumpstart a prius

Gotten yourself a dead or drained battery and wondering how to jumpstart a Prius? No worries, as you can jumpstart a Prius in a few simple steps like other vehicles. Having a dead battery while driving on an important day can be a dreadful experience. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the process of jumpstarting … Read more

3 Easy Ways of How to Remove Exhaust Hangers in 2022

how to remove exhaust hangers

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is a component that may fail from time to time; therefore, it is essential to know how to remove exhaust hangers. The exhaust system is nearest to the road and found underneath your car’s engine. As a result, when you go over that annoying curb, it is likely to be damaged. … Read more