Campaign against tax credit cuts

Earlier this year the Conservative Government announced it was going to take away an average of £1,300 from 3.3 million working families by making changes to tax credits. Tax credits are used to make sure that low income families can make ends meet.

In our constituency someone on a median wage of £23,734 will lose £2,856.


Let's be clear. These are ordinary people working hard to support their families. But the Government is going to penalise them for earning a little more. From 2016 anyone who earns over £12,125 will start to see their child tax credit fall; currently you must earn £16,105 before the credit starts to be withdrawn.

This cannot be right.

it is already the case that families in Birmingham are struggling to make ends meet. Just a week ago, I learnt of a working mother in my constituency who fainted in the playground because she hadn't eaten in days so that she could feed her children.

No one in 21st century Britain should have to go without in order to feed their kids.