'Britain's 10 cities are right. Brexit would be bad news for Birmingham and Britain. Birmingham benefits from EU support and our city's economy vitally depends on being in Europe'

John McDonnell and Gordon Brown will today join with the Leaders of Birmingham and nine other of Britain’s largest cities outside of London to warn against the threat leaving the European Union would pose to their city’s economies.

The open letter written by the Leaders of the 10 City Councils will outline the fact that the EU has created tens of thousands of jobs and provided for £1.8bn worth of direct investment in the cities. 


Citing but one example of the importance of remaining in the European Union, Mr Dromey said:

“Our automotive industry is now a world-class success story. At the heart of massive job creation has been the remarkable growth of Jaguar Land Rover.

“Key to continuing success is inward investment and keen to inward investment is membership of the European Union and access to the world’s biggest market of half a billion people. I represent a constituency, Erdington, which may be rich in talent but is one of the poorest in England. Erdington has benefitted massively from the success of JLR, creating thousands of badly needed jobs.

“I do not want to see the hopes and dreams of the next generation dashed by being at the margins of Europe.”