'At last the truth on crime' Crime doubles with the inclusion of cyber-crime

ONS crime statistics released today show an increase in the headline crime rate of 92%, once a staggering 5.8 million online crimes are finally included in January 2017.


A recent report put the cost of fraud to the UK at £193bn per year– an average of more than £3,900 per adult in the UK with losses taking place at a rate of £6,000 per second.

Today’s crime stats also show murder rising to its highest level in 5 years and an 8% overall increase in police recorded crime, with a 27% increase in violent crime and 10% increase in knife crime.

Responding to today’s crime statistics Jack Dromey MP, Labour’s Shadow Policing Minister for three years, said:

“The truth has been told. Today's crime figures shine a light on the true scale of crime in this country. Crime is not falling, crime is changing. The former Home Secretary and now Prime Minister, Theresa May inflicted the biggest Police cuts in Europe under the pretence that crime was falling. Today’s revelations prove that to be false and the Prime Minister’s legacy in the Home Office has been laid bare. Crime will near double once cyber-crime is finally included in the crime statistics.

You are more likely now to be mugged online than in the street. Crime is increasingly moving online with phishing scams and credit card fraud. A staggering 3.8 million fraud and 2 million computer misuse crimes in the last 12 months alone. The consequences of these crimes can be equally as distressing to the victims and often cost them far more financially. 

I urge the new Home Secretary to learn from her predecessor’s follies and recognise the seriousness of cyber-crime. At a time when cyber-crime is soaring, violent crime is rising and the threat of terrorism is ever more serious, now is the worst possible time to continue cutting our Police Service.

The most worrying statistic is the increase in murder, manslaughter and infanticide, up 34 to 571, one of the highest rates for five years. 571 tragedies in modern Britain.”