Save Kingstanding Police Station

Tory cuts threaten the closure of Kingstanding Police Station

The West Midlands Police Service will today (Friday) announce closures of police stations across the region including Kingstanding Police Station. The police station covers an area with pockets of high crime including five armed robberies and shootings in recent months.

As your local MP I am launching a petition enabling thousands of local people to have their say, calling upon the Prime Minister to intervene and give the West Midlands Police Force the funding they need. Please sign the petition if you want to save Kingstanding Police Station. 

"Theresa May cannot wash her hands of responsibility. As first Home Secretary and then Prime Minister she has presided over the biggest cuts to our Police Service since the War. 2091 police officers have gone in the West Midlands with the budget for local policing cut by a staggering £145 million. Police cuts have seen soaring crime, up 14%.

Local people tell me they are increasingly afraid to go out at night. That cannot be right. The first duty of any government is the safety and security of its citizens. Theresa May is letting down the people of Kingstanding and she must act now.”

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    Sign the petition: Save Kingstanding Police Station
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