Jack Dromey MP calls for an end to discrimination against guide dog owners

Jack Dromey MP met with guide dog owners in the Houses of Parliament to hear about their experiences of being turned away by businesses. Over 100 guide dog owners had travelled to Westminster from across the country to talk to their MPs about the discrimination they face in their daily lives. The MP for Birmingham, Erdington gave support to the charity Guide Dogs’ “Access All Areas” campaign to ensure guide dog owners can carry out everyday activities such as travel by taxi or go to the local shops, without the risk of being turned away.  Continue reading

Erdington Walk-In Centre wins a reprieve – for now

Following the campaign launched by Jack Dromey and Birmingham’s MPs, Erdington High Street’s popular NHS Walk-In Centre has won a reprieve for a further year. The future of the Centre beyond 2017 remains uncertain, however, and will be reviewed next year. The victory for local people comes before a major consultation by Birmingham Cross-City Clinical Commissioning Group into the provision of NHS services across the City. Jack Dromey, along with Steve McCabe MP (Selly Oak) and Richard Burden MP (Northfield), met with the CCG earlier this month to discuss the future of changes to Birmingham’s NHS Urgent Care Services. Jack Dromey MP campaigning to save the walk in centres last time they were under threat  Continue reading


Shadow Policing Minister Jack Dromey and the Birmingham Erdington Labour Team kicked off the Police week campaign this weekend.  Across Birmingham Erdington teams were on street stalls, out delivering leaflets and door knocking ahead of the local elections and the police and crime commissioner elections on Thursday May 5th.  Continue reading

Police officers per head down as serious and violent crimes rise Violent crime soars 27%

As today’s ONS crime statistics show that serious and violent crimes are up, research by the House of Commons Library commissioned by Labour shows how thinly spread officers have become on the ground. Continue reading

Jack Dromey Comment Proposed cut in PIP

Thousands of disabled people in Erdington face losing desperately needed support whilst the wealthiest are handed tax cuts – “Immoral” says Jack Dromey MP. A temporary tactical Tory retreat is not good enough. Continue reading

Birmingham MPs Protest at Chancellor's "£100 Million Birmingham Bombshell"

Birmingham MPs will today use the budget debate to protest at the Government's £100 million 'Birmingham Bombshell' of unfair cuts and tax rises hitting the city. They will argue that the Government has promised a fairer funding deal for Birmingham, but has refused to introduce this for yet another year, resulting in more unfair cuts. Continue reading

Jack Dromey MP calls for justice for women in Erdington who have been badly treated by the acceleration of the state pension age

Jack Dromey MP has joined with the 3,440 women in Erdington and 35,000 women in Birmingham who will be affected by the changes in the state pension age to stand up for those who built Birmingham and Britain. Women who were born in the 1950’s were told one thing about when they would get their pension only for the Coalition government to rush through changes to a long-standing plan; this left hundreds of thousands of women with very little time to re-plan their retirement. The Tories have since refused to revisit the issue in spite of overwhelming public calls for them to do so. Continue reading

Britain Stronger In Europe

"Isolated from the European Union, Birmingham and Britain would be weaker and less safe. Exit from Europe would put jobs and businesses at risk. Exit from Europe would also put at risk public safety because European collaboration is key to tackling terrorism and serious crime. Birmingham and Britain is better in than out."

Why do the Tories have it in for Birmingham?

The £249 million fund from the Tory Government to help struggling councils is going to Conservative heartland counties like Buckinghamshire, Oxford and Kingston-upon-Thames – Birmingham is getting zero.   Continue reading

No more #BrumCuts

Birmingham has already been hit by the biggest cuts in local Government history. Thanks to George Osbourne, the City Council will have to make cuts of around £258 million over the next four years on top of the £567 million annual savings the council has already made since 2010/2011. This includes £90 million in spending cuts next year alone.  Continue reading