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Jack Dromey MP, Keith Heron (Chair of the Patient and User Group in Erdington) and hundreds of residents are celebrating after it was announced late last week that the walk-in-centres in both Erdington and Kingstanding had been saved from closure.

The centres were under threat because of short-sited Government cuts to NHS budgets locally.

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Walk-in-Centres Saved from Government Cuts After Residents Protest

Grandparents Raising Children - New Group in Erdington and Sutton Coldfield - Launch on 22nd October

The Two Unions that saved Rosyth - Jack Dromey MP, former deputy General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union

For me it was great to be back in Rosyth in the Kingdom of Fife. It is the yard that refused to die and only lived on because of the solidarity between workers in Scotland and England.

Then Scotland’s biggest industrial establishment, when Rosyth faced closure in 1992, it was only a concerted union campaign with workers in Scotland and Plymouth backing each other up that won the day, Rosyth and Devonport united.

The great battle to save Rosyth was a classic example of why the Union between England and Scotland matters.

Letter from All 10 Birmingham MPs backing Birmingham's bid for the HS2 College

The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP;
Secretary of State for BIS;
Department for BIS;
1 Victoria Street;

12th September 2014

Dear Vince,

HS2 College

The decision that the Government is about to take on the location of the HS2 College is a critical one. It will impact upon the whole country now and for the next generation.

More Than 2000 Birmingham Homes Hit Hard by Bedroom Tax - That's whty I will Vote to Scrap the Bedroom Tax

Jack Dromey MP Responds to South Yorkshire PPC Shaun Wright's Resignation from the Labour Party

Jack Dromey MP, Shadow Home Office Minister, responding to South Yorkshire PCC Shaun Wright’s resignation from the Labour Party:

"Professor Jay’s report is devastating. At least 1400 children are known to have been subjected to violent sexual abuse over many many years. Our first priority should be to support these victims and bring the evil men who perpetrated this crimes to justice.