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Jack Dromey MP, Keith Heron (Chair of the Patient and User Group in Erdington) and hundreds of residents are celebrating after it was announced late last week that the walk-in-centres in both Erdington and Kingstanding had been saved from closure.

The centres were under threat because of short-sited Government cuts to NHS budgets locally.

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Walk-in-Centres Saved from Government Cuts After Residents Protest

Dromey - The Costly Chaos of the By-Election for PCC in the West Midlands

Taxpayers will have to shell out at least £3.7 million

The taxpayer will have to shell out at least £3.7 million for the by election for PCC in the West Midlands, following the tragic death of Bob Jones. This became clear in a House of Commons debate today on the arrangements for the by-election to be held on the 21st August.

Commenting on the mounting cost, Jack Dromey MP, Shadow Policing Minister, said:

Jack in Comittee of the PCC SI

Labour Response to Crime Statistics

Commenting on the crime stats released today, Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper MP said:

“Crime is changing. It is welcome that crimes like car crime and handling stolen goods are continuing their twenty year fall. But some of the most complex and serious crimes are increasing and a lot of online crime simply doesn't appear in these figures.

“Sexual offences have gone up by 20%, reported rapes have increased by 27% and abuse of children through prostitution and pornography has gone up a staggering 65%. Many more online crimes are not reported at all.

Jack Dromey MP backs Greenwood Academy Campaigns

Local Erdington MP Jack Dromey has pledged his support to the pupil led campaigns of Greenwood Academy. ‘Drop The Anti-Gay Bill’, ‘Save the Syrians’ and ‘Help The Homeless’ are designed, organised and led by pupils of Greenwood Academy.

Jack Dromey MP - Local Growth Fund - Tilted to Far to the South

Commenting on today’s Local Growth Fund announcement, Jack Dromey, Member of Parliament for Birmingham Erdington said: